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What You Want, The First Time

When you’re considering new window treatments for your home, the thought of custom window treatments could initially seem a little too expensive or extravagant. But the truth is, you’ll probably end up saving money, time and aggravation by going with custom window treatments. Here’s why:

homes need custom window treatments

It’s tempting to just go to your local big box store and buy some ready-made curtain panels and take them home. After you get home and try to hang them up, you might find they aren’t exactly what you expected. First of all, taking exact measurements can be tricky. Nothing is more frustrating than getting curtains home only to realize you weren’t accurate enough in your measurements. Unfortunately, most ready-made window treatments only come in two or three standard sizes, which can leave you in a bind. When choosing custom window treatments, a design professional will make an appointment to come out to your home and take a look at your windows. They’ll talk to you and try to get an understanding of exactly what you’re looking for and what you want your window treatments to accomplish. Do you want them to block out sound and light? Are you looking for additional privacy or do you want to let natural light in? Do you want them to make a design statement and be the first thing people notice when they enter your home? The design professional will also take professional measurements of your windows, ensuring that your new window treatments will fit perfectly. 

Professional Installation


As mentioned earlier, professional designers will come out and measure your windows to ensure the perfect fit. Another great benefit of working with a professional design firm is that we will install your new window treatments! The installation process can be the most frustrating part of the process when purchasing new window treatments, and we will take care of that for you. We will ensure your new window treatments look and function exactly the way you want them to.

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Why Homes Need Custom Window Treatments

When purchasing ready-made window treatments, chances are they were made in a factory overseas, where the priority was on quantity instead of quality. When you choose custom window treatments, they’ll be made by a seamstress, one job at a time, where the emphasis is on making the perfect window treatment for you and your windows. The quality of the product and attention to detail will always be superior to ready-made, factory window treatments. You’ll be able to choose the high-quality fabrics and linings that you want, instead of being stuck with a factory’s cost-effective choice.